Established in 2015 in Baku, Azerbaijan, MRCL MMC is an Azerbaijani/American playground company dedicated to manufacturing quality and safe playgrounds. At MRCL, we believe there is nothing like a playground that can transform neighborhoods with joy and laughter! For this reason, we call ourselves the MRCL Miracle Makers because we have seen over and over again the joy playgrounds give.

At MRCL, we also believe Children are our most important asset and ensuring their safety should be our top priority. We seek safety by adhering to American safety guidelines and quality manufacturing practices. From our durable materials, soft rubber decks, and additional safety features, we desire children to have maximum fun and maximum safety.

Please see our numerous standard playground designs and playground layout ideas. If you want a custom design, our talented design department can create a fresh and unique design to meet your playground needs - all free of charge! Because we manufacture in Azerbaijan and you are working directly with the manufacturer, we can provide you with great prices and excellent after sale service.

At MRCL, we provide custom playground designs free of charge. We desire that you will be completely satisfied your unique playground area. The MRCL design team has years of experience designing playgrounds to meet customers' needs. With MRCL, you know that you will have a playground layout that is both safe for children and a lot of fun for families!

MRCL Playgrounds are American designed - designed for safety, quality, and fun! Each playground is made from metal construction with soft rubber tiles on stairs and decks. Metal construction insures that the playground will last for years and can withstand even the toughest play. All attachments are welded together in our factory and some on site to minimize bolted connections and to ensure the longevity of the playground. Choose the playground that you know we keep the kids returning for years to come!

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Fade Resistant Metal Roofs

Strong and Safe Climbers

Additional Safety Features

Durable Metal/Stainless Steel Slides

10 x 10 CM Posts 3 CM Pipe Railings

Large 100 x 100 CM Decks
Thick Rubber Tiles on Stairs and Decks